SERMON: Breakthrough – Apostle Peter Odagbodo

Sermon: Sunday, June 21, 2019 – It’s always a blessing to receive a word from our General Overseer and Founder Apostle Peter Odagbodo. As we wrapped up our 15 day fasting and breakthrough prayer, God led him to minister a powerful message titled “Breakthrough!”

Sermon Transcript

Amen, what’s it all about?

Let’s confirm scripture before we go into the message. Our God is a God of beauty. It says in the scripture, “And I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me?”

Our God is reliable and full of compassion. He does new things. He is a prince who brings life, even in the desert. He makes a way in the wilderness and brings rivers in the desert.

In Jesus’ day, people saw the power of God and how he caused a way to be made where there was no way. He took the crown from the king and gave it to Jesus.

Now, exciting things are going to happen in your life, if you put your trust in Jesus.Β We have a local church where people come together to worship and share the truth.Β In the past, it would take three months to fly to London, but now we can do it in just one day.

We’ve made great advancements in technology, medical science, and people are living longer.

But there are new discoveries and breakthroughs being made in the church.

We have to be grateful for these advancements and all that God has done for us.


Some people deviate from the truth, but in the end, we all need to come back to God. He knows the secrets of the heart and he can get us through anything.

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