Small Groups

Welcome to our Church Small Group page!

At our church (Faith In Christ International Church), we believe in the power of community and coming together to support each other in our faith journeys.

That’s why we offer small groups for members to connect, study the Bible, and pray together.

Church Small Group, Faith In Christ International - Capitol Heights. United States of America

Whether you're new to faith or a seasoned believer

Our small groups provide an opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with Christ

Form meaningful connections with others

Through lively discussions and prayer, you'll be encouraged and challenged to apply biblical principles to your daily life.

Our small groups also offer opportunities for prayer

By lifting each other up in prayer, group members are able to support each other in their spiritual journeys

Get started

Join in person or online, discuss the Word of God and how it relates to your daily lives. Experience the joy of community and spiritual growth!